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Roor Air Tight Glass Stash Jar Review


Roor Airtight Glass Stash Jar


Roor is a very well respected German manufacturer of glass smoking accessories including bongs and pipes, stash jars and ashtrays. They produce 4 main glass stash jars, a small, medium and large glass stopper jar and an XL jar with wood and cork stopper. They’re all clear glass with the word Roor written in different colours including red, black, green, Rasta red, gold and green etc.

The first thing you notice about the Roor glass lid jars is their size, they’re tiny. The small jar is 3cm tall and will hold about 1.5g, 2g maybe if you stuff it in or have particularly dense weed. The medium jar is 5cm tall and will hold 2.5g-3g and the large jar is 7cm tall and holds 4g-5g. Now I don’t mean small in a bad way, it’s just not quite what you expect unless it’s made clear to you. All the Roor jars are beautifully made and reminded me of laboratory equipment from college in how delicate and intricate they seem, with perfectly fitting little glass stoppers that fit just right. If you’re an occasional smoker or need to carry small amounts I can certainly recommend the Roor Airtight Glass Stash Jar. They’re small and perfectly formed and keep your bud fresh and tasty.


Roor Glass Air Tight Stash Jars


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