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How to Store Cannabis
4oz UV Stash Jar Review

UV Stash Jars 4oz Apothecary Jar

I bought this jar from www.uvstashjars.co.uk as I wanted a jar in which to store a large quantity of bud long-term. I paid around £50 at the time, which is obviously a lot of money, but it has more than paid for itself in the last 6 months or so. The jar is large and heavy and made from very thick and high quality biophotonic glass, which is an attractive dark purplish colour. You can see through it when you hold it up to the light, but it looks almost opaque under normal light conditions. I bought the Lion of Judah style design, as I wanted it to be somewhat discreet when sitting on my shelf. This particular jar is also available in 4 other designs including a weed leaf and UV Stash Jar’s own label.

Portmeirion Talisman Stash Jar Review

Portmeirion Talisman Cork Stopper Spice Jar

Not strictly speaking a stash jar but very useful none the less. I bought this jar on eBay around 5 years ago, as I liked the design and the cork stopper, which is great for slowly drying bud. It cost around £5 and you can still pick them up for a similar price now.

Portmeirion is a pottery founded in the North Wales village of the same name in 1960 and still going strong. The Talisman range was produced in the late 1960s/early 1970s and my jar certainly has that retro look about it. 

Roor Cork Stopper Stash Jar Review

Roor Cork Stopper Stash Jar

This Roor jar is termed XL by most retailers that stock it and compared to the small, medium and large jars it’s a real whopper at around 9cm tall and with a capacity of around 7g or a quarter ounce.

The glass is a fair bit thicker than the previous Roor jar(s) reviewed, being around 3mm thick and giving it a sturdier, less delicate feel in the hand. I like this jar as I’m quite obviously a fan of the cork stopper jar and I can imagine it making a lot of people happy, especially occasional smokers.

Roor Air Tight Glass Stash Jar Review

Roor Airtight Glass Stash Jar

Roor is a very well respected German manufacturer of glass smoking accessories including bongs and pipes, stash jars and ashtrays. They produce 4 main glass stash jars, a small, medium and large glass stopper jar and an XL jar with wood and cork stopper. They’re all clear glass with the word Roor written in different colours including red, black, green, Rasta red, gold and green etc.
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