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Weed Storage Tips


Read This Even if you Read Nothing Else!!


This is a brief list of the most important things to remember when storing your stash, whether for one day or 10 years.

* Make sure your bud is dry. Wet bud will encourage mould growth and rot. This could happen within days and will make your ganja unpalatable, unsmokable or even dangerous. Drying is best achieved in a paper bag or similar out of direct sunlight, for example in a drawer. Wrap the weed very loosely to give some airflow. You can dry bud in the open with a fan if time is of the essence, but try to avoid the ‘on top of the radiator’ or microwave rapid drying method if at all possible. It will lose you THC and CBD and it will taste worse.

* Keep buds as large as possible. So long as the bud is dry, keep it on the stalk/stem and don’t break it down into smaller nugs. You will lose THC crystals and accelerate the decomposition process the more you break it down into smaller pieces. This isn’t always possible of course and doesn’t apply if you notice any mould or rot in a bud. In that case remove it from the stem and get it dried as quickly as possible to arrest the damage done.

* Don’t use orange peel/apple peel/wet cotton wool or tissue for more than 24hrs. People have long used this technique when their bud is too dry or simple to add weight. The extra moisture will encourage mould growth and rot if left too long, so err on the side of caution by using a small amount of orange or apple peel and check on it every few hours. Once you bud is nicely moisturised, ie. not rock hard and not at all spongy, take the peel out and leave it out. I personally would avoid using wet cotton wool or tissue, as it’s harder to get the right moisture balance.

* Don’t freeze your stash unless storing it for one year+. Freezing cannabis has its place and that place is for very long term storage. It does cause some degradation in quality, as freezing and defrosting breaks the cell walls, but my main reason for

avoiding freezing weed is that it’s not necessary for 99% of users. From experience I can testify that marijuana will keep for at least one year in a bio-photonic stash jar with a good seal. Simply open the jar around once a month to ‘burp’ it and you’ll have weed that’s as good, if not better, than when you put it in the jar.

* If cannabis is illegal in your country, keep your stash in one big jar. Marijuana is sadly illegal in around 90% of jurisdictions worldwide. The penalty for possession varies, but one thing is constant; dealers and traffickers receive tougher sentences than users. For this reason it’s always best to keep all your bud in one jar. If you keep your stash in different jars, bags or boxes all over your house and car, the police will assume you’re selling to others and push for you to be charged with dealing. In no circumstances should you keep multiple baggies or scales near your weed. Again, it’s asking for trouble.




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Thanks for the tip.

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