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The Enemies of Cannabis

The atmospheric conditions below are those that you need to protect your stash from in all circumstances. Being an organic substance, weed will degrade over time, but by protecting your marijuana from these elements, you can prolong the life and potency of your hard-earned stash.

Light- Light, and sunlight in particular, is probably the single most important factor in lowering the potency and worsening the taste of bud. Storing it in direct sunlight will have the effect of slowly vaporising the THC and CBD from your nugs. If your weed is stored in a clear glass jar, this effect will be accelerated, as the UV rays are magnified directly onto your cannabis. If you use a clear glass or plastic jar, keep it out of direct sunlight, or ideally in the

dark if you’re storing for the medium to long term (more than a couple of weeks). Biophotonic jars block the harmful UV rays so you can leave your jar in the open with no deterioration in bud quality over time.

Moisture- Mould needs relatively damp (60% plus humidity) conditions to grow. If you want to prevent mould you need to keep humidity low, ideally in the 30%-50% range. This may not be possible in an open environment, which is why a closed environment such as a jar or pot is ideal, provided the weed is dry in the first place. I have reiterated this several times I know, but I really can’t emphasise enough the importance of storing bud dry. You could have some potent skunk, buy a good biophotonic or opaque jar or pot and so create the perfect internal conditions. If that skunk is damp, you’ll have mould within days or weeks, guaranteed, and will have to throw away the mouldy bits, or if it’s been allowed to develop, the whole jar of weed.

Other People- As strange as it may seem to us weed-o-philes (I didn’t make that up…honest), there are people who just don’t appreciate marijuana and would seek to stop others using it. It could be the police, our parents, girlfriends, boyfriends or just nosey buggers. The way to prevent them knowing about your stash is to keep it airtight and discreet. Non-smokers can often smell marijuana better than we can, as we’re accustomed to the sweet aroma and it’s alien to their olfactory systems. Keep your stash in an airtight container and away from prying eyes and they’ll never know you have any. You can also use air fresheners or incense to disguise the smell when you’re smoking or vapourising. Personally, I’ve used Orange Chronic and Cousin Puffs air fresheners successfully in the past. They’re both very strong and smell pleasant as well, which is just as important. Some of my favourite incense include Satya Nag Champa and the excellent value for money 105 incense sticks, which have 15 sticks of 7 different aromas (hence 105) for about £2.

Heat- Cannabis should ideally be stored in the 5C to 20C temperature range. In many parts of the world, including the UK, this is room temperature for most of the year, so temperature isn’t really a factor. If you live in a particularly warm climate, storing marijuana at room temperature could accelerate the decomposition of your stash. Many people get round this by keeping bud in the refrigerator, which I personally don’t like, as the average fridge is far more humid than a room, bringing the aforementioned humidity into the equation. If your fridge is less than 60% humidity, or if you store it in an airtight container, that’s fine and dandy. The likelihood of mould growth increases if you leave it in a humid fridge in a baggie or other non-airtight container, so bear it in mind.

Smells- Quite a minor factor for most people, though worth considering when you decide where to keep your stash. Marijuana does absorb strong smells in the close proximity. This in turn affects and impairs the taste when smoked, vapourised or baked. Keep your stash away from strong odours for the best results. It’s as simple as that.



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