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Storing Cannabis Info

Hi, my name’s Jimmy and I’ve set up this site to explain all I can about the best ways to store your weed. There are a lot of people with strong opinions on the subject and that’s why you can add your comments if you think I’ve made a mistake somewhere, or just plain disagree with me.

The secret to storing cannabis is to create and maintain a constant favourable environment in which to keep your weed. It should be relatively cool (5C-20C or 41F-68F), dry (below 60% humidity), out of direct sunlight and away from strong smells. The easiest way to do this is to make an internal environment for your stash and the easiest way to do this is to use an airtight container such as a jar, pot or bag.

I’ve written various articles on weed storage, explaining the best ways to store your stash, whether for the short, medium or long term. I’ve also told a few stories from my past relating to times I’ve stored cannabis successfully and a few where I haven’t. There’s also a reviews section where I’ve given my own personal views on a few of the herbal storage solutions that are available to buy. All of these reviews are based on my own personal use of them and aren’t intended to be an advertisement or criticism of any particular product.

I hope enjoy the website and welcome any construction criticism or comments. Please feel free to contact me with your suggestions or if you have a storage method you’d like me to try or review.


Range of Stash Jars


Good and Bad Places to Store your Stash

Good Places


* Glass jar with airtight lid

* Quality baggie such as Smell Stoppers or Smelly Proof (short-term only)

* Humidor

* Ceramic or glass jar with cork stopper (short to medium-term only)

* Bio-photonic glass jar (good for short, medium and long-term storage)

The Enemies of Cannabis

The atmospheric conditions below are those that you need to protect your stash from in all circumstances. Being an organic substance, weed will degrade over time, but by protecting your marijuana from these elements, you can prolong the life and potency of your hard-earned stash.

Weed Storage Tips

Read This Even if you Read Nothing Else!!

This is a brief list of the most important things to remember when storing your stash, whether for one day or 10 years.

  • Make sure your bud is dry.
  • Keep buds as large as possible.
  • Don’t use orange peel/apple peel
  • Don’t freeze your stash


About Me

I’ve been a smoker and occasional eater and vaporiser of cannabis for the last 15 years and a daily smoker for the last 10. My knowledge of the subject comes from experience and has sometimes been hard earned, as you will see if you read my story.



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