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  • Need cheap hosting? Try webhosting1st, just $10 fo...
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Like most people reading this, when I first started smoking as a teenager, storing my stash wasn’t really an issue. I didn’t have a stash in fact. Me and a few friends would chip in a few quid each and pick up a (usually substantially underweight) eighth or quarter from a local dealer, go to the park, smoke until it was gone and each go home with a big grin on our face. All the bud would be gone within a few hours of picking up and how to store it really wasn’t a consideration.


As time went by I smoked more regularly and with my own house and car to smoke in, storing my weed eventually became something worth thinking about. How would I keep it discreetly without everyone knowing my business? Baggies are all well and good for keeping it for a day or two, but most don’t really stop the smell and I’m sure most of us have noticed those tasty looking THC crystals that are attracted like a magnet to the inside of the plastic bag. What a waste!

I noticed friends kept their stashes in a wide variety of places; camera film canisters (it was the ‘90s), metal tobacco tins, inside socks (honestly), just loose in drawers, in those fake tin cans that look like Coke cans or whatever (pretty ingenious until someone picks it up or the can stands out because the design is obsolete), contact lens case etc., but most just left it in the baggie it came in.

Once I was smoking regularly and considered myself something of a connoisseur, the importance of keeping my bud in good condition became more important. I was smoking 1-2 ounces a month so picking up an eighth at a time just wasn’t convenient, or economical, anymore. My regular dealer might have a blow-your-head-off strong AK47 or White Widow one day and nothing but Thai stick the next. I didn’t like taking a chance so I’d grab an ounce when there was something tasty in. It made perfect sense.

One year, just before Christmas, I picked up 2oz of some very well grown Hash Plant. It was still a bit damp, but very nice to smoke after a few hours drying in the open. I was going to visit my parents for Christmas and New Year (the only time I don’t smoke…everyone needs a break once in a while), so I put the 2oz in a plastic Tupperware box and left it in a kitchen cupboard. The Tupperware box was nice and airtight so I thought it would be fine for a week. When I returned after New Year it was essentially a mould farm (obscure Flight of the Conchords reference). The bud was covered in a white powder and the sweet Hash Plant fragrance was replaced by a damp, mouldy odour. I smoked a spliff of it (not quite sure why) and needless to say it tasted disgusting and gave me a rather nasty headache. That wasted £300 taught me something very important about storing marijuana- MAKE DAMN SURE IT’S DRY FIRST.

Marijuana is an organic material of course, and when damp and in a closed environment, it will go mouldy. A related ‘tip’ that I’ve heard is to put orange peel or a lettuce leaf in a jar or container with your bud to add moisture. It does work but you need to be very careful, don’t leave it for days without checking on it, as it will become too moist and rot or develop mould. Very rarely is weed from dealers too dry anyway, it’s bad business when you’re selling a product by weight.

After the mould incident I thoroughly researched the effective storage of organic material, as weed is no different to an apple or some oregano in many respects. I bought my first weed jar, which was the jar pictured below. It’s a vintage 1970s Portmeirion Pottery Talisman porcelain jar with cork stopper lid and is one of the best purchases I ever made. It cost about £5 on eBay and was originally intended to store herbs and spices in the kitchen. You can still pick one up for a similar price now. It holds about a quarter (7g) and protects against sunlight and moisture, while the cork stopper lid very slowly removes any moisture. I still use it today for the last stage of the storage/curing process. It’s not suitable for long term (6 months +) storage, as it will dry the bud a little too much over this kind of period. It’s absolutely perfect for bud that will be smoked in the next few days or weeks though and is quite stylish in my opinion.


A picture of Portmeirion Jar


Around 5 years ago I moved around 250 miles away from the place I had lived for the previous 5 years and considered home, to take up a new job. I was still smoking regularly and found it very difficult to pick up in my new environment. My workmates didn’t seem like smokers and I really didn’t want to broach the subject with them, office gossip and misunderstanding about weed smokers being what it is. Because of this I ended up picking up a fairly large quantity (3-4oz) on the occasions when I was back in my old area. This lasted me a couple of months and was obviously good stuff. It did present the problem of storage however, both in the car on the journey back and in my home. I’ve never dealt and didn’t think the police were likely to accept 4oz of strong skunk in the back of a black BMW as being for personal use. Getting prosecuted for dealing when I never had done would have been annoying to say the least.

So how to store 3-4oz of cannabis without any smell getting out in a discreet way? Hmmm. For the car journey I decided zip-lock bags and very strong air-fresheners was the way to go. I split the weed into two Large Smelly Proof bags, each containing around 2oz, sprayed the outside of the bags liberally with Orange Chronic Air Freshener, which is about as strong as air-fresheners get, and put both bags into a large Smell Stopper Mylar heat-seal bag, which I then sealed tight with an iron. Suffice to say you couldn’t smell any trace of marijuana after that. You could barely smell the citrus of the Orange Chronic.

On the return trip of one of my little missions, it was late and I made the mistake of speeding on the motorway. I was doing about 90mph and around 10 miles from home when I noticed a blue flashing light and sirens in my rear view mirror. I pulled over and two police officers got out of their car and came to have a word with me. They were both unusually charming and well-mannered for officers of the law and after having admitted speeding and them checking my licence, insurance, MOT etc. etc., they allowed me to go on my way, 4oz of cannabis under my driver’s seat and all. They never smelled anything unusual, despite having a quick look around the car and in the glove compartment. As an aside, never keep any weed in the glove compartment. It’s the first place the cops look and even an empty baggy or the merest whiff of weed will have them doing a thorough check of your motor. I certainly never regretted taking the time to prepare well after that and used the same method 6 or 8 times over the next 3 years.

Storing my stash at home was a slightly different matter. I wanted something large enough to store 3+ ounces for 3-4 months but that maintained the quality of the smoke. I eventually found it in a large apothecary style bio-photonic stash jar from UV Stash Jars. Other companies sell bio-photonic glass stash jars, but I haven’t seen one as large as the monster 112g capacity jar from UV Stash Jars. It was quite a lot of money at around £50, but meant that I could store my whole stash in one jar, safe from sunlight, air and other smells, just on the shelf in my living room. It’s a really attractive jar and you can’t see through it because of the thickness and colour of the jar, so it never aroused suspicion with anyone. It also came with a free smaller jar that can store an eighth, so I use that if I’m going away for a couple of

days. I now store the majority of my stash in the large UV Stash Jar, then transfer it to my cork stopper Portmeirion porcelain jar a few days before I intend to smoke it, or to my smaller UV Stash Jar if I’m going away.

As a test I decided to leave about half an ounce in the UV Stash Jar for as many months as I could without feeling the need to smoke it. It has a glass stopper lid, so is completely airtight, and obviously blocks harmful UV rays that degrade cannabis, but I was still sceptical. I left it on my bookshelf, which is in direct sunlight for at least 6-7 hours a day and had a look inside about once a month. I also had a little smoke off it once in a while to check it was still smoking nicely. It’s been 5 months now and it still looks and smokes like it did when I put it there, so to be fair, I’m very impressed. You can see the pictures of my 6-month-old Jack 47 below. People always comment on what a nice smoke it is. I’ll update the progress of the Jack in the jar periodically.


Large Apothecary Style UV Stash Jar



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